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The Boobie Queen's Journal
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Date:2004-01-08 20:45
Mood: amused

Chortle. Hey, you guys promised you'd tell me if I was a BNF.

Geez, I should probably be checking my own teeth for spinach too, huh? Not to mention no longer being able to trust your opinions on whether these pants make my ass look big.

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Date:2003-12-23 19:44
Subject:TBoobieQ Appeases The Heathen Gods
Mood: pleased

Since not_god apologized privately for his Devonosity, I'm back in His fold, but it never hurts to stay good with the other deities. Just in case.

A little RPS, with characters who may seem familiar.

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Date:2003-08-26 21:55

Heh. Been waiting until the universes aligned to post this.

from the diabolically snarky mind of NotDiamonde.

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Date:2003-08-22 02:20

Personal entries of theboobiequeen occur in handbasket_rpg (and occasionally handbasketsmack).

[List of BoobieQ's Personal Entries]

[BoobieQ's Handbasket Index]

    Includes (under Z) all in-character posts to handbasket_rpg or character journals, sorted by character. Assuming the character has ever made a post to the community, that is. If your character isn't listed, and you've made a post in your character journal, let Boobs know so she can friend you and index your entries. And also, you could repost the damn things in the main community journal where everyone will see them. 8-)

    Does not include handbasketsmack posts unless they're in-character or are "My ____" background posts.

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