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1 April
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Former ruler of the Spandexian empire, I spend my time now on the simple things: my boobies, your boobies, other people's boobies, and making up stories about hot actors fucking each other and trying to convince everyone it's true Tearing The Fandom APART!!! I've traveled the globe in search of myself and realized in the end that I was right there all along which made me feel kind of dumb but there you are.

I am Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay! Or possibly bi. Or maybe I'm straight and just fucking with the heads of a lot of hot, lonely lesbians. You. Never. Know. My Gayness is directly responsible for Gulf Wars I and II, the return of bellbottoms, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and the Blaster worm. I will not take the rap for Joe Millionaire, though; that was the result of antimadpoetess's gayness.

Fanfic writer of whatever's hot and trendy and gets me off, especially if it involves asses and cocks, exploiter of gay vampires everywhere, puppy kicker, alphabitch and sick, twisted loser. And that's just before breakfast!

I am also cute stacked.

No need to ask, if you want to friend me. If I didn't want to flash my boobies to the entire world, I'd be known as The FlatQueen. In point of fact, my user icon probably tells you all you need to know about me. Oh yes, and I am NOT thebratqueen. If I were I'd have bigger boobs.


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Disclaimer: No, I am really not thebratqueen, and even if I were, nothing in this journal is true. Parody, you dig? That includes interactions with other parodied people, famous and otherwise, as well as gossipy remarks and fabricated fannish 'history' concerning perfectly innocent writers and celebrities.